If you do not use your compass to determine your direction, may days and years take you to the direction that you do not desire

"Nabil Shalaby"

It does not matter to start your own business too late. What is important is not to stop

"Nabil Shalaby"

Innovation is the most influential factor in the project success, a key to any competitive advantage, and a driving force towards achieving sustainable growth

"Nabil Shalaby"

Tardy ICT businessman will be in trouble than those who benefit from these technologies in the business world

"Nabil Shalaby"

Selected Achievements

· Implementation of 62 training rounds of how to start, operate and grow your business in Saudi Arabia 2009-2017

· Two rounds of Training of Trainers (TOT) for TIEC InnovEgypt program trainers in smart village, Cairo 2014 and 2015

· Led entrepreneurship workshop sessions for scholars and university proffessors od ILO TOT in Minia, Hurghada, Port Fouad and Cairo 2012

· Participate in the forthscoming plan of Sultanate of Oman in entrepreneurship and SMEs development 2013

· Wording the Sultanate edict of establishing an umbrella authority of SMEs in Oman 2013

· Design complete regulations for the new born SMEs authority in Oman 2013

· Study success factors and expansion opportunities for Jana microfinance institution for productive families, Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2013

· Study of of helping poor women in Al Hasa region. Productive families program, Al Hasa chamber of commerce and industry, Saudi Arabia 2010

· Study of proper marketing for productive families, Jeddah chamber of commerce and industry, Saudi Arabia 2009

· Study of SMEs in Saudi Arabia for Saudi Credit and Saving Bank 2009

· Study on the development of businesswomen services offered by chambers of commerce in Saudi Arabia 2009

· Design a diagnosis software for manufacturing SMEs 2009

· Study on luanching the 1st small business incubator in Saudi Arabia 2009

· Design the 1st best performance SMEs award in Saudi Arabia 2009

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